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What's The Process?

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Please see the list below of the most commonly asked questions. If you still have questions after reading these, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

What is LinkedRocket?

LinkedRocket is a B2B LinkedIn lead generation subscription service. We’re a small, dedicated team of LinkedIn boffins that help you generate more leads on LinkedIn.

What happens after I subscribe? How does it work?

  1. We will setup a private client portal for you and send you your login details. All your information will be stored here for easy access
  2. We will gather key information, optimise your Linkedin profile and create an email campaign
  3. Once everything is approved by you, we will begin the outbound email campaign
  4. We’ll do some research to find your customers and sent them connection requests
  5. Once connected, we’ll send them a welcome/thank you email
  6. After that we’ll send them some useful, high value content
  7. Lastly, you’ll take over the conversation and ask for a meeting to close the deal.

Who is this service for? Who is it not for?

LinkedIn works best for individuals who have the following characteristics. Typical clients include sales teams, VP of sales, entrepreneurs, coaches, software companies, professional services, consultants.

  • Must be B2B
  • Their customer Lifetime Value is $10000+
  • You have a well defined value proposition
  • You operate in a well defined niche

Who is LinkedRocket not suited for:

  • If you sell B2C
  • The Lifetime Value of your customer is less than $10000
  • You don’t have a well defined value proposition and niche
  • We can line up leads for you all day long, but if you can’t convert leads into paying customers, we’re not a good fit
  • You’re not prepared to put in some time and effort to provide the information we need to skyrocket your leads

In the pricing table it says 5-10 calls per month.`` What does that mean?

Once we’ve ramped up our outbound efforts, we’ll be sending 80 connection requests per day. About 45% – 55% of these will connect. We’ll warm them up with email templates you’ve tailored. Once your new contact shows interest, we’ll hand over the conversation to you. With all our leg work done up front, you be able to book about 5 – 10 sales calls per month.

What's the difference between a ``connection`` and a ``warm conversation?``

With LinkedIn you can search for and connect with people by sending them a “connection request.” It’s up to them whether they accept that request. If they do, you will be connected and be able to engage. We send out about 80 connection requests per day. Expect to see about 45% – 55% of people accept the request.

Once a person has connected with you, we begin a conversation with them using the email campaign you have chosen and tailored. This email campaign is typically 2 – 4 emails. Once we have warmed your prospect up for you and they should interest in talking more, we had the warm conversation over to you to close the deal.

What's the main difference between Rocket Lite and Rocket Heavy?

In the Rocket Lite plan, we run 1 email campaign at a time. With Rocket Heavy, we can run up to 2 campaigns for you at a time. Perhaps you want to run your normal campaign and do some market research, or reach out and test a different customer segment. Perhaps you serve multiple customer segments that need different approaches. While the results in the plans are similar, there’s more heavy lifting when managing two campaigns at the same time.

Why Linkedin?

LinkedIn is not sexy, it’s not fun, it’s not cool. But… it is where busines gets done. Linkedin has over 500M users. 25% of adults in the US are on Linkedin and 40% of them check it daily. Linkedin has the most affluent demographic consisting of managers, executives and c-suite professionals. It also has millions of businesses. 

How much work do I have to do?

After you log on to your client portal, you’ll tell us a bit about your business, pick and choose a couple of email templates and edit them to suit your needs. We’ll collect all the data into one place, double check it, get your approval, then start the LinkedIn lead generation. It should take about 10 – 15 minutes to work through the process.

Why don't you pre-screen customers like a lot of other Linkedin lead generation places?

Our aim is to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to figure out if we are the right Linkedin lead generation company for you. We’ve provided information by way of our value proposition, who we can and can’t help and our FAQs so individuals or organisations can self-select into our service. If you’re still not 100% sure, feel free to send us an email at or connect with us via our chat service.

Can I use your service to test new markets and/or customer segments?

Yes. We have some email scripts that you can use to test a new market or customer segments.

Can't I just find a virtual assistant to do this for me?

You sure can. But, you need to find a good virtual assistant first. While it’s easy to find virtual assistants, it’s difficult to find great ones. It took LinkedRocket about 6 months of trial and error. Next, you’ll have to then train them and finally, manage them. You also need to write all the email scripts, processes and procedures and purchase any additional tools or software to make it all work.

Can't I just do this myself?

Absolutely. To do the research your customer segment, send connection requests, reply to connection request and nurture the conversation, weed out any irrelevant connections, maintain your Linkedin profile will take you about 1 – 2 hours a day. This doesn’t include actually moving the conversation offline and closing the deal.

Do I need a LinkedIn premium account?

Yes. A LinkedIn free account limits the number of people you can view, connect with and email in any given month. We’ll reach this limit very quickly. If you want the best results, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best option. It provides extended network access, advanced search and much more. The monthly subscription starts at US$79.99 and has a 30 day free trial.

Do I need to give you access to my LinkedIn account?

Yes. We have to log on as you and complete all the tasks as you. All the research, information gathering, connections, emails sent will be done from your account so your prospects connect with you. We will never read your emails, change your settings, of view your notifications. We value your business and your privacy and treat it as our highest priority.

Why do you recommend a minimum of 3 months.

First and foremost, Linkedin has safeguards in place. If they see behaviour on an account go from fairly passive use to very active in a short period of time, they’ll flag your account. We need to ramp things up slowly, week by week to avoid this. In addition, finding the right people, sending connection requests and replying takes up a lot of time. Lastly, it takes time for people to respond to connection request and continue the conversation.

What's involved on a day to day basis?

Your account manager will manage your LinkedIn account for you. They will research, connect and email prospects. They will also provide you a list of potential leads to follow up. Your account manager will also do some maintenance on your LinkedIn inbox and account so it doesn’t become bloated.

Is there a setup fee?

We don’t charge a setup fee. We’ve designed our process to be as efficient and easy as possible. The sooner you provide us the info, the sooner we can get started.

Can I expense my LinkedIn premium subscription?

It’s best to speak to a qualified professional regarding this. But, if LinkedRocket is being used for business purposes you should be able to expense it. Also, if you’re an employee, speak to your boss and see if you can’t expense the cost of the subscription.

What will the lead quality be like?

Linkedin allows anyone to position themselves whichever what they like. Even with Linkedin Sales Navigator, awesome search criteria and a narrow niche, you’ll still get about 50% unqualified leads or people trying to sell you things. That’s the nature of Linkedin. But, we sort the wheat from the chaff and clean out our profile so you only have to deal with the right leads.

Will you speak to prospect on my behalf?

No. During the onboarding process we will work with you to modify email templates to suit your customer segment. Once you’ve approved the email templates, we take care of the research, connecting and sending of the email. Once there is a real interest from your prospect to continue the conversation we hand the conversation over to you. We do 90% of the heavy lifting. You close the deal.

When will I start seeing results?

After the onboarding process, we’ll start reaching out to your prospects so you’ll see activity in your LinkedIn account very soon. LinkedIn has safeguards in place so people don’t abuse their platform. If LinkedIn detects unusual activity it will flag your account. In order to avoid this, we need to ramp out our efforts slowly to avoid being flagged. In addition, once we start connecting with your prospects, it takes a bit of time for people to check LinkedIn, respond, etc. You should start seeing high quality, pre-qualified leads coming in within a month. But, to get maximum effect, a 3 month+ time frame is highly recommended.

Can my account be banned?

LinkedIn has systems in place to prevent people from abusing their platform. Rest assured, we operate well within those limits. We err on the side of caution. The absolute last thing we want to do is have your account banned. That would be hor-ri-bile on so many levels.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any time, no questions asked. For maximum results, we do recommend you stick with it for a minimum of 3 months. If you do decide to cancel, we’ll refund the balance of your month’s subscription. We’ll be sorry to see you go. The 3 month is the minimum time commitment to get the most value. If you do choose to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, you will not be charged for months 2 and 3. If you really really really want to cancel your subscription, send us an email to

How am I charged?

You can subscribe using major credit cards. We use Stripe as it’s super easy and secure. Once subscribed, you’ll be charged on a monthly billing subscription.

Can I change things in my campaign after it's started?

Absolutely. It’s best to monitor and learn what’s working and what’s not. We’ll make tweaks along the way in order to increase the conversion rate at every step of the process. The more high quality, pre-qualified leads you get, the happier you are. The happier you are, the happier we are.

Do you provide LinkedIn advertising services?

Not at this stage. We may in the future. If you think it’s something you’d like us to do, let us know.

How often will you use my account?

To deliver the most value to you and to generate as many leads as you need, we’ll be using your LinkedIn account once a day, Monday to Friday.

Is the price including or excluding tax?

The price is including tax.

How many people do you expect to connect with per day?

If we assume that we’re connecting you with 80 people a day, about 45% – 55% of them will accept the connection request. Not everyone checks LinkedIn every day so there will be those that we send connection requests to today, that will connect a day, a week, a month down the line.

Do we work with inmail and sponsored inmails?

It’s fairly common knowledge that advertising on LinkedIn is pretty expensive compared to other paid advertising. Unless you’re a huge brand or have a huge marketing budget, this is not the best approach.

These types of inmail, sponsored inmails are cold emails. Very few people like cold emails nowadays. LinkedIn is a social network. It’s designed to be social.

Do you have any case studies?

Not at the moment. We’re working on creating some at the moment. As soon they’ve been created, we’ll make them available on our site and LinkedIn profile.

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